Birthstones are a subject all to themselves. Surprisingly over the years, birthstones were thought to evoke a peculiar virtue or special powers for those born in that month. According to Dr Dana in The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, this beleif can be traced back to early historians in the first century. They proclaimed a connection to the breastplate worn by the high-preist and the twelve months of the year as well as the twelve zodiacal signs. Through the years, different cultures such as the Romans, Jews, Greeks and others assigned various gemstones to each month. Quite interestingly, the birthstone as an adornment did not take place until quite a few years later.  

Lab Created Birthstones are an affordable alternative to their natural counterpart. They are sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two! We offer each birthstone month to have a synthetic birthstone choice and in some cases such as June with Alexandrite, that is the only option due to the rarity of that gemstones availability. 

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Lab Created - Synthetic Birthstones

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