kkcanada-smaller.jpgArtist Kimberley Jade searching for precious stones

Kimberley Jade - Wire To Fire Artisan Jewelry

Have you ever wished you could have a “say” in the design of the jewelry you wear? Well now you can! Our handcrafted artisan jewelry has been proven time and time again to be the winning ticket in helping a person express their voice through unique accessories. Since 1993, Kimberley Jade has been creating handcrafted jewelry items and marketing them at juried artisan shows. This cottage business has grown from a home basement to a full time business with artisan jewelry items offered online, through brick and mortar shops and at top juried art shows on the East Coast. Experience the difference a handcrafted artisan jewelry piece makes in expressing your style from the Kimberley Jade Jewelry line. We are far from “cookie cutter”. When faux just won’t do!

Growing up in a family of mineral lovers, Kimberley Jade was appropriately named after the Kimberley Diamond mines and the mineral Jade. She has been a “pebble pup” since she was old enough to walk. Many weekends were spent exploring caves, collecting mineral specimens in mines and quarries as well as attending gem and mineral shows. Her love of gems and minerals was instilled by her father a Geology graduate from Franklin and Marshall college and a Past President of the Mineralogical Society of Pennsylvania. Digging in the dirt was a great past-time that has been passed on to her family including her grandchildren who also love to get out and collect. This family cottage business includes her husband who helps create some of the product lines and children who help "run the shows" and make items from time to time. It's a 3rd generation family affair!

Experiencing nature is one of the many ways Kimberley finds her spark of creativity. With an offering of handcrafted collections, its easy to see there is something for everyone! The Wired Out Of Hand Collection is nicknamed “Treasures From Heaven” when gemstones are included in the design. These are handcrafted into heirloom quality designs. Ever since Kimberley Jade was old enough to walk, the treasures she collected off the ground were thought to be just that; “Treasures from Heaven”. This collection is custom created with your gemstone or ours. The Refining Fire Collection contains inspirational messages that accompany each piece to empower the wearer to be bold in their witness. Each piece, when possible, is “signed” with the three letters “SDG” an abbreviation for “Soli Deo Gloria” which is Latin for “Glory to God Alone”. We pray these pieces will inspire you to a higher level of confidence to speak God’s truth to the world. The time is now, the choice is yours, He has your back, He wants your heart.

Photos: (Above) Kimberley Jade and Ken at the Mineral Museum in Bancroft, Ontario Canada.

            (On Right) Kimberley Jade mineral collecting at a local mine outside Bancroft, Ontario Canada

Please allow us to provide you with an opportunity to purchase affordable gifts unlike anything else on the market that you will treasure for many years to come. Uncommonly different with a spark of contemporary, from our hands to your heart. Proudly made in USA.


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