Gemstones ... This is an overview of the gemstones we offer, please use the SHOP tab to place an order for an item or send a message with questions.

Do YOU have a gemstone in a ring or piece of jewelry that you love but the ring size doesn't fit, the style is not to your liking or the metal is not what you wear anymore... well we can help with making that gemstone into a new heirloom. Just send a photo by text with your introduction of who you are and what your thoughts are to incorporate that beauty into a piece you will cherish forever. The Wired Out Of Hand design is the quickest one to do this with. Blessings, KJ

Wire To Fire - Kimberley Jade Jewelry offers a massive selection of both natural and lab-created gemstones including but not limited to Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz, Garnet, and Quartz.  For a full list of our gemstones and a, gemstone colors, sizes, and origins, see our Gemstone chart.

Gemstone Chart

Lab Created Gemstones

Lab Created Gemstones are just as they imply, made by man but chemically the same composition as those found in nature. In many cases, we incorporate these gemstones to satisfy the need for durability ( when the gemstone is too brittle or soft) as well as affordability. The pricier gemstones are not for everyone, although the additional financial investment in a natural gemstone value can increase exponentially when the supply of that specific gemstone dries up.

Birth Stones

We offer a variety of carats (gemstone sizes) depending on the size and design choose. Sample sizes are as follows:

4 wire faceted bracelet = 6 by 8 mm stone approx 1 Carat

6 wire faceted bracelet  = 8 by 10 mm stone approx 2.25 Carat

8 wire faceted bracelet = 10 by 12 mm stone approx 4.5 Carat

We offer Natural as well as Lab Created Gemstones for each of the birthstone months of the year:

January = Burgundy Garnet
February = Purple Amethyst
March = Blue Aquamarine
April = Clear Cubic Zirconia
May = Green Emerald
June = Soft Purple Alexandrite
July = Ruby Red
August = Peridot Green
September = Blue Sapphire
October = Pink Tourmaline
November = Yellow Topaz
December = Blue Zircon