Cubic Zirconia 8 Wire - April Birthstone w/options

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 This tension mount gemstone is such a unique bracelet, you will be receiving compliments every time you wear it. Featured is one of our best sellers, a Swarovski Cubic Zirconia that looks like a diamond but has a more affordable price tag than one! See for yourself how much you feel like a queen when you wear one of these beauties. Shown in a Tri-metal band, this is sure to be compatible with all of our jewlery wardrobe needs. We offer 21 different metal choices with 5 different bracelet style bands for a unique combination made just for you. We also custom size to your exact finished size making this a true heirloom quality jewelry treasure. See what a difference in quality a handcrafted bracelet is from the Kimberley Jade - Wired Out Of Hand Collection. We specialize in enhancing your everyday wardrobe with only the best materials available to create a lasting treasure. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you are ordering this as a gift and are uncertain as to the proper size, order a standard size (80 % of population is standard size) and see if there is a problem... it can be exchanged out free of charge! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 HANDCRAFTED IN PENNSYLVANIA                                             FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                                PROUDLY MADE IN USA