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We offer 5 different styles in our Wired Out Of Hand and Treasures From Heaven handcrafted bracelet collections. The Minimalist is a very streamline design that has no twisted wires, thus a very minimalist look. The Classic offers two center twisted wires while the New Classic has twisted wires that are split with a double layer of plain center wires. The Fancy has twisted outside as well as center wires. The New Fancy offers plain outside wires with all the inside wires twisted, this is the fanciest of the five styles.

Please keep in mind, any of these styles are available at the Custom BUILD YOUR OWN design tab. If you see one you love but its not in your exact desires, just CUSTOM create it with your personal twist. HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

HANDCRAFTED IN PENNSYLVANIA                     FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                 PROUDLY MADE IN USA 

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