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Have it Your Way!

The Wired Out of Hand Collection and Treasures From Heaven Collection by Kimberley Jade - Wire To Fire Artisan Jewelry offers a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry styles and sizes. But we're also thrilled to create your unique custom request WITH YOUR GEMSTONE OR OURS. Do you have a special need? HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Use the form below to contact us about any questions you may have on a made to order piece or Go To the SHOP option to select one of our Wired Out Of Hand (TREASURES FROM HEAVEN) bracelets.... we guide you through the selections for a perfect heirloom bracelet. You are welcome to text or call Kimberley Jade at 717-577-4638 to discuss your personal jewelry needs.

To make it easier to convey your desires... Please include the following:

Style you many have seen on the jewelry items (refer to photo#) that needs "tweaked" with details on your specific needs.

If its a bracelet request, do you need a special bracelet size? We can handcraft any size for your specific needs since we create each one just for you! With that in mind, please include your wrist size for a perfect fit. We have our own formula with exact amounts to add to your wrist size to insure a perfect fit.


Do you like a:

"watch fit" [wrist size plus 1/4"]

"standard fit" [wrist size plus 1/2"]

"loose fit" [wrist size plus 3/4"]

 If you met us at a show, you may already have a good idea on the exact finish size since we do our best to measure your wrist in person at the show and make a note of that size with our contact information.

How do I size my wrist to guarantee that the bracelet I order will be the proper size?

If you purchase bracelets from a box jewelry store (they stock a bracelet that fits 80% of all people... the wrist size is 6=1/4 to 6-1/2" that always fit... then you are an average size! If your bracelet is always too big or small then take a few minutes to measure the exact size over your wrist bone using a flexible measuring tape or print off the measuring tape we provide. Do not add or subtract anything to the measurement, we have a formula to take care of insuring that your bracelet will fit you perfectly!

 Print Measuring Tape

 Metal combinations are endless! Please reference the bracelet options for details. You are welcome to contact Kimberley Jade by text or phone at 717-577-4638 to discuss you personal jewelry needs.