ALL METAL 4 Wire Bracelet - with Options

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CUSTOM create a simple 4 wire ALL METAL bracelet. These beauties stack well or can be effortlessly worn all by themselves. We offer 9 different metal choices along with 3 different bracelet styles for a great all round look.We also make custom size these to whatever finished size you need for a perfect fit. BUILD YOU OWN BRACELET. Experience for yourself the difference a handcrafted bracelet can make in expressing who you are. We have been handcrafting wire wrap bracelets for the past 28 years and offer a quality item at a very affordable price. The Argentium Sterling Silver is a tarnish resistant metal that oxidizes to a soft platinum hue of silver. This metal is very compatible with White Gold. Our Gold material is also tarnish resistant. This Old English Rolled Gold is a sheet of 14 Kt Gold bonded with heat to a center core of brass. The center core of brass gives the metal stronger and more durable. It looks, feels and wears like solid 14 Kt but without the price tag. Our loyal following love our Wired Out Of Hand Collection by Designer Kimberley Jade. They usually have to come back for more over time! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you are ordering this as a gift and are uncertain as to the proper size, order a standard size (80 % of population is standard size) and see if there is a problem... it can be exchanged out free of charge! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


           HANDCRAFTED IN PENNSYLVANIA                                       FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                         PROUDLY MADE IN USA