ALL METAL HEAVY 10 Wire Bracelet - with Options

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If you love the feel of a solid, substantial bracelet then you've come the the right place. This super sturdy bracelet feels great. Customers comment that it is so solid and functional. There is nothing lacking with this selection. Usually one or two of these beauties is all you will ever need to purchase. This will become one of your favorites and an heirloom for those you love!

We stock a standard finished size 7” bracelet which can fit a 6.25” wrist (give or take depending on the way you like a bracelet to fit) but we can also custom make your bracelet to whatever size you need... all we need is your exact wrist size to make it a perfect fit! Just use a flexible measuring tape and measure snug over your wrist bone (please print out our tape if you do not have on on hand). Do not add or subtract off of this measurement, our formula that we add to your wrist size will ensure a perfect fit!

Shown is a Tri-Metal bracelet but we offer 21 different metal combinations with 5 different bracelet style bands to express the uniuqe person you are! We also offer custom sizing for that perfect fit.

If you are ordering this as a gift and are uncertain as to the proper size, order a standard size (80 % of population is standard size) and see if there is a problem... it can be exchanged out free of charge! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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