Tourmaline in Quartz 6 Wire Brac w/options

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Our 'Treasures from Heaven Collection" offers this Tourmaline in Quartz, so fun! The strands of black are suspended in clear quartz making is a great all round choice for everyday wear. Keep in mind this gemstone has character and will vary from stone to stone in it's intensity of black strands. We stock a 7" finished but can also handcraft whatever size you need from large to small. All choices are shown at the CUSTOM TAB. See for yourself how it feels to wear an heirloom bracelet that was made just for you! We create each piece with the finest materials available which are not only beautiful but very affordable compared to the traditional box jewelry stores. These make a wonderful gift for yourself or that special friend. We have over 29 years of experience making handcrafted jewelry items for your loyal customer base. We would love to welcome you into that "family".

HANCRAFTED IN PENNSYLVANIA                                          FROM YOUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                                 PROUDLY MADE IN USA