Dragonfly Charm

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There is something special about DragonFlys as they dash and playfully flutter around in the sun. I once had a customer share a story about dragonfly involving a mother that passed away. This person loved dragonfly, and after the funeral they when back to her house to find the front of her home covered in dragonfly! Now that must have been an amazing site. Most of us only see one or a few dragonflies at a time and here she was seeing many more. 

A tidbits of information on dragonflies: They have to fly and eat at the same time, their life span is only 6 months, they were one of the first flying insects. Ancient fossils found dragonflies with a wingspan of up to two feet but todays dragonflies are considerably smaller with wingspans of 2-5 inches. Scientist speculate that in ancient times, there was more oxygen in the atmosphere, I speculate that Gods mighly hand was protecting them in a time when everything was in a larger scale and this also supplied those that need food with a better meal!

Many of my customers relate to a dragonfly as a symbol of transformation such as the death of a love one. It also symbolized adaptation and renewed  emotional maturity. Whatever the case may be, dragonflies always make me smile. 

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