CUSTOM Synthetic Sapphire Gemstone 6 Wire Bracelet - September Birthstone

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Sapphires are one of our most sought after gemstones with a Mohn hardness of 9 its easy to see why. We offer an affordable alternative to the natural sapphire with this synthetic option. A Synthetic Sapphire is chemically the same composition but was created in a laboratory rather in than forming in the ground. This beautiful blue colored gemstone is sure to be worn many times with all of your favorite outfits. Shown is a tri-metal New Classic style wire wrap band but we offer 14 metal combinations so the choice is yours. 

If you are ordering this as a gift and are uncertain as to the proper size, order a standard size (80 % of population is standard size) and see if there is a problem... it can be exchanged out free of charge! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


HANDCRAFTED IN PENNSYLVANIA                                             FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                                PROUDLY MADE IN USA

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