Custom Premium 6 Wire GEMSTONE Bracelets

Selecting a premium gemstone for your handcrafted wire wrap bracelet is pure luxury and makes you feel like a Queen! These gemstones are considered premium because they are of a finer quality and more difficult to obtain. Gemstones that are in this caliber are definite going to increase in value over time. We source our gemstones directly from Thailand and dealers from Brazil. We are careful to inspect each gemstone for any flaws and imperfections. Usually even the better quality gemstones have natural imperfections, which actually help to insure it is a natural gemstone. We also offer a service to help locate those hard to find treasures that you have been searching for. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

HANDCRAFTED IN PENNSYVLANIA                               FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                       PROUDLY MADE IN USA

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