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This is one of the "dream pieces" that was inspired through a very vivid dream of a baby falling from the sky in a teardrop. I woke up in a cold sweat and heart a voice say "those are my tears". Wow... I knew I needed to be obedient and develop a Celebrate Life jewelry line. This is a very delicate subject, each child is valued and known by God. Use this opportunity to wear and share your beliefs to this lost and confused world. This jewelry piece is designed to bring not only a message but also at times closure for a choice that can never be reversed. God will heal over time, keep your eyes and focus on Him to bring that to fruition.

The message card includes the following: "Life is a precious gift from God. Ponder what a miracle life truly is! The Bible states that God knew us before we were even created! Each person has unique qualities and personalities, even unique fingerprints! The Celebrate Life Collection offers "no phrase", baby jewelry pieces as well as jewelry stating "My Future Is In Your Hands". Psalm 31:15 (NLT) Whether you are celebrating a new child through birth and/or adoption, mourning the loss of an unborn child, or exclaiming the sanctity of life in an apathetic world, this compassionate line of jewelry is designed to do just that. Every life is worth celebrating."  

FROM OUR HANDS TO YOUR HEART                                                                                                                              MADE IN USA

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